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McClay Consulting offers training and development for QuickBooks Accounting Software. And because each individual learns differently, we offer customized training created specifically for you—the individual—and design it to fit into your busy schedule.

We provide each client with a personalized, hands-on learning experience, utilizing the software as you would in your own office, and we are careful to move at your pace. Our final goal is not to get through the lesson, but to ensure that you fully understand the lesson and how to use the software to your best advantage.

Learning QuickBooks

The purpose of the Learning QuickBooks course is to provide you with the basics of the software. It is designed for the new user and can be tailored to serve as a refresher course.

The subjects include:

  • Getting Started
  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • Working with Lists
  • Working with Bank Accounts
  • Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks
  • Entering Sales and Invoices
  • Receiving Payments and Making Deposits
  • Entering and Paying Bills

This course is eight to ten hours in length—or less depending on your experience. It can be split into multiple sessions as needed.

Advanced QuickBooks

The purpose of this course is to provide detailed instruction on the more advanced areas of QuickBooks (i.e. inventory, sales tax, etc.)

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